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Monday, May 08, 2006

The Second Ten

10%(100 Things About Me)

The First Ten

11. I hate traffic. Seriously. I loathe, despise, and abominate traffic. I will do amazing things to avoid getting stuck in stop-and-go traffic. I have been known to go miles out of my way to avoid it. As long as the car is moving, I can get to work by way of Alabama and I'll be happy even if it takes longer. (I live in northeast metro-Atlanta, so getting to work through Alabama would be one heck of a detour.) Currently, I'm selling my house to move closer to work. How close to work do I want to live? I'd like to buy a Winnebago and in the parking lot; I don't think that the building management will allow it. Still, I am going to move as close to work as possible.

12. I over-analyze things. Take this 100 Things list, for example. I have to examine every stinking item to the extent that I can't just put all 100 Things in one post. If I did, that would be one huge honking post that no one would read. Heck, I wouldn't read it if it were all in one post and I wrote it, for crying out loud. I have to split the list into tenths to make it a more manageable lurker-friendly length. So I take 10 times as much space to list my 100 Things as everyone else. Sigh.

13. My favorite color is blue. Finally! Here is something about me that is not complicated or over analyszed. Yay blue!

14. I have never been in a long-term romantic relationship. (And by "long-term" I mean "longer than 3 months.") If I were you, I would say that this is due to a fear of commitment on my part. But I know me, and I know that I want to be married for a long, long time. I'm ready to commit! I just can't find a man who wants to commit to me for longer than a quarter of a year.

15. I love to fly. I've only flown twice (to Lynchburg, Virginia then back to Atlanta, Georgia - for work). I flew both times in one of those ancient Delta commuter planes that rattle and shake like they're about to fall apart if the pilot so much as breathes wrong. I loved it and can't wait to fly again.

16. I love cars. I drive a Kia Sportage (Volcanic Red with Black interior), so my love of cars surprises people. I suppose that people assume that if you love cars, you must drive an expensive flashy one. But no, I love cars and am quite content to drive my modest little Kia. My favorite car? The Jaguar S-Type in Zircon (pale blue) or Radiance (deep red). Gorgeous. I sit at a red light everyday on my way to work and drool over the Jags at the dealership on the corner. Lovely.

17. Firefly is my favorite TV show ever. I know a TV show that is literally a space western sounds strange. And I know that the fact that all the characters spoke Chinese fluently makes it appear odd. And knowing that it was created by Joss Whedon, the same man who created Buffy, may make it appear even more odd. And it was odd. It wasn't as odd as it appears on paper, but it was different. But it was also wonderful. Alas, Fox's Friday Night Timeslot of Death and Fox's horrible decision to air the shows out of order killed this jewel. Oh well, at least I got one big damn movie that continued the series. Hopefully there will be another.

18. I was born in Alabama. I refuse to be blamed for my parents' poor choice of living there at the same time they decided to have a child, so Alabama jokes are not allowed in the comments. Thank heavens we left that state when I was 10.

19. Since leaving Alabama, I've lived in Georgia. That's 20 years, if you're counting. I'm fairly happy here in Georgia, but would gladly move to another state if the opportunity presented itself.

20. Despite having been born in Alabama, having lived in Alabama and Georgia all of my life, and having quite a few ancestors who fought on both sides, I'm not the least bit sentimental about the Civil War. It was a brutal, ugly war that to this day mires the South. [Economically, the South recovered from it in the 1980's. In other areas, I see no recovery in sight.] And unless it's displayed at museums, monuments, or other suitable displays of Civil War remembrance, contemporary use of the Confederate battle flag is a disgrace.